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   My philosophy on child care as been derived from a number of sources; workshops I have attended, workshops I have taught, text books, people prominent in the child care field, Forty six years of licensed family child care experience, my parents, and other adult role models in my life. 

   I believe children need consistency, communication, calm, love, and acceptance. The fast pace of today's society has left children with inadequate time to be children. Usually parents or guardians have a full time job to provide the basics' needs. This means that the children usually do not have enough quality time with their family. It really does take a whole village to raise a child.

   Emotionally the children need security and to be allowed to express feelings and ask questions. They need to be allowed to succeed and fail. They need to learn in a safe environment how to live in the real world.

   Physically the children need proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, and know they are accepted as they are, and unconditional love. Children need space to run, jump, climb and grow.

   Socially the children need to interact with other children as well as their community, church, relatives and friends. It is important that children are exposed to a diverse group of children, and members of their community. Children need boundaries and guidelines to form appropriate skills necessary for interaction with the public, and school It's important that they interact, explore and learn. Role modeling is very important as is communication and consistency. Children require direction from adult figures as well as acceptance.

   Cognitive development is a little more difficult to achieve. Today's children are exposed to all kinds of information and sometimes this information is confusing or given incompletely. Open communication is very important for children to make acceptable decisions and lifestyles.

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